Monday, December 27, 2010

Lupron Day 3 - Last Day of BCPs - Noticing Side-Effects

I'm still not afraid to do the injections. I think the built up belly fat has helped prepare me for this experience.

However, I think I slept no more than three hours last night and no, they weren't consecutive hours. I gave up caffeine yesterday. At 12:30 pm today I could no longer stay awake so I had a diet pepsi with caffeine. Did I just screw up my IVF cycle? I trolled the internetz for info about taking Benadryl during the Lupron phase of IVF because I have GOT TO SLEEP. Mainly? I'm driving myself to and from work and don't want to fall asleep and crash. I work all day and need to be functional. I need to stay on some kind of sleep schedule. I'm willing to throw all that out the window for a baby, but not when I don't have one.

Also, I've had wicked mini-cramps for about 2 weeks now so I think its BCP related and not the Lupron's fault.

I can't believe that I can now say that next week I start stimming (barring any poor blood test results or AFC on Monday). In 3 weeks I should have my retrieval. In 3 1/2 weeks I should be PUPO.

Ah time flies. I figure I'm in a constant 2ww. Right? DH and I will have sporadic conversations about how excited but incredibly terrified we are for this IVF. Sure I could get pregnant, but what will keep me pregnant? Prednisone and Heparin with PIO injections and baby aspirin? That's our kitchen sink strategy with Dr. S.

Well then, onto Lupron Day 4 tomorrow.

Thoughts ladies:  if you were in the position to choose, would you do a 3 day transfer with Assisted Hatching or go for a five day transfer? We're transferring 2 (if we even have that many) embryos no matter what but I've been researching both options for months and I'm becoming quite torn! If we didn't have this one shot, I'd be less anxious about it. Help?

Thanks for the support and comments - you make my day!


~C~ said...

Try melatonin. It's actually supposed to help egg quality anyway - google melatonin + IVF. I took 3g per night starting a few days before stims. Try to find one with valerian root. The melatonin can give you some crazy dreams, and the valerian will counteract that.

Re: 3d w/ AH vs 5d...I dunno. I guess at the end of the day, I'd just go with what my doctor and the embryologist think gives the best odds. That's what we did with our cycle. We were planning on a 5d transfer but they were afraid we might not have many left by then - and maybe none to freeze - so we did a 3d instead. But I've already really, really tried to just pretty much leave it all up to the doctor and not think about any of it myself. I wouldn't take my car to be fixed and then insist to the mechanic that he needs to rebuild the transmission, not replace the timing belt. Or something. You know. Let your RE decide if it's your transmission or your timing belt :)

Crossing My Fingers said...

I don't know much about AH but I was all about a 5 day transfer and knew I would be devastated with a 3 day. After our ER and talking to the doctor, I was actually okay with a 3 day transfer. So we transferred 2 at day 3 but the other 3 weren't frozen until after day 5. Good luck and I hope you get some shut eye.

Sarah said...

Are you on medrol too? I was on that and it destroyed my sleep for the entire month I was taking it. I woke up ever 1 - 2 hours all night long.

I did a 5 day transfer and I recommend it assuming your clinic has good success growing embryos to 5 days. The best argument I've read for doing 5d over 3d is most of the really bad chromosomal issues will prevent an embryo from growing to 5 days, so the ones that make it to a blastocyst are more likely to be normal.

Good luck!

LisaB said...

We will probably be doing a 3 day with assisted hatching, but I almost want to do a 5 day. I've seen not much of a difference with either. I'm kind of paranoid about doing a 3 day transfer because my pregnancies don't usually last longer than 3-5 days. Although, we'll be picking the cream of the crop!

I agree with taking Melatonin. It worked well for me in the past!

I love that your doc is pulling out all the stops to make your baby stick.

Keep hanging in there girlie! You're doing great!

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