Thursday, December 2, 2010

Its FINALLY December - Will I Be PUPO in 7 Weeks?

That's right people. Six and a half weeks until the anticipated 3dt (w/ ICSI/AH) on January 20th, 2011. Now I know 100% that these dates may change, either forward or backward. But the RE's office set 1/17/11 as the ER date and the earliest transfer date would be 1/20/11. That's exactly 7 weeks from today.


Then, in about 8 weeks, give or take, I'll be POAS-ing ( way can I wait for a $10,000 beta result over the phone) and finding out if it actually worked!

In great news, Jessica over at The Night Is Always Darkest Just Before The Dawn is pregnant!!! She got her BFP a few days ago will be getting her beta results tomorrow! Please send congrats and good wishes her way...hopefully she's got one or two sticky embies in there!

She is a patient at the same clinic as me and since it's the first year they've been open and treating patients, we're kind of the freshman class. It's a little nerve-wracking, but at the same time, their success rates (which won't be published for 2 years per federal mandates) so far are incredible! 100% success in October!

So...I have tons of stuff to look foward to - including the last 4 weeks on BCPs, which starts tonight...Lupron injections which start on Christmas Day....and next Monday's appt in STL with Dr. S and Nurse Jackie (yes that is her name and she is my new favorite nurse ever; and that show is freaking awesome too). Last night I had a dream/nightmare that we went to the appointment and they didn't have me on the schedule, then I got moved around for the day and I forgot my Follistim Pen and meds for the injection lessons. Good thing I woke up and remembered that I am an over-planner who would never let that happen.

Current side-effects of medication regimen: zits, zits and more zits; increased appetite (I ate a whole Jimmy John's sandwich last night very quickly. That's never happened before); iffy libido (sorry if TMI).

Sure, maybe it's just me and not the BCPs. But I'm just noting it for now.

7 weeks! PUPO! Woot woot!

And, without further ado (and no long backstory, you're welcome) below is a picture of us taken last Friday when DH's side had family portraits done. I hate how I look b/c somebody said something dumb and I started to laugh (ahem, double chin). So I will post it here and not on a Christmas card. Oh well. Maybe next year we'll have a card to send out with pics of our baby/babies.


Anonymous said...

Adorable photo -- you look great and I do mean it. I love your choice of complementary patterns.

I had not thought of my IVF cycle as you just laid yours out... and since mine is creepily similar to yours... I am now alternatingly freaked out and excited! These weeks are going to fly right by.

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