Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lupron Day 2 - What Needle?

Other than the itching for 10-15 minutes post-injection, Lupron hasn't been bad at all. I've had a difficult time sleeping because I'm used to taking a couple Benadryl at night which knock me out but Nurse Jackie told me I should stop those when I started injections.

So I'm surviving just fine; and I'm not even using a band-aid after the injections. I can't find the injection site to put the band-aid on so I figure there's no point. And for the masses, I don't have cook bandaids like "Scooby Doo", they're just regular old band-aids. Though when I get blood drawn I really do request a fun band-aid and a sticker. Seriously. They think I'm so weird. But recently the blood draws were for dropping betas or blood tests with double-digit vials. I figure I'm owed a cool band-aid and sticker. Last time I got a Crayon band-aid and a Sponge Bob sticker. DH made fun of me. But it made me feel better when my arm bruised up.

And that's it. Christmas was relaxing. DH and I hung out and then went to Tron: Legacy last night. Great movie, very enjoyable. DH got me a Hawkeyes Snuggie and some pajama pants (fuzzy cupcake pants). I got him some mens stuff from Bath and Body Works and some Wii boxing gloves. We kept the price limit to $20 but I think we each went over by about $5.

A lot less stress and worry compared to years' past. I'm trying to keep calm as we get into this IVF cycle because I figure the less stressed I am, the better. So the Lupron is going well and we head to STL next Sunday for our first monitoring appointment. We're so excited!


Crossing My Fingers said...

See Lupron's no big deal! You're a pro already. Have a safe trip to STL!

LisaB said...

I'm soooo excited for you!!!

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