Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lupron Bleed...

....has commenced. It was amazing to feel "normal" for five seconds. If this is a Lupron Bleed, how is it different from AF? The cramping sure seems the same. But this time there was zero spotting; she flung that door open and threw down her luggage all at once.

Bi*ch. I hope she brought me presents this time...

But it's nice to see her so I don't have to worry when she'd show. Onto monitoring next Monday and one week till stims. I still can't believe we're this close!

I had a dream last night about doing the transfer. I remember walking into the room saying I had to pee but that they want me to have a full bladder, right? I'm nuts.

Also the bathroom remodel, as predicted, is not yet done. DH called me 4 times today with questions about what I want in there. My dad (a contractor) is leading the job but since it took 2 years to get the chimney out, we want to paint and put in new floors. Dad is saying we should get our new vanity first. Arrgh. I don't agree. I just want the holes in my floor, wall and ceiling to be closed up! I had to use the downstairs bathroom last night and I was not thrilled. Oh well. The cheaper we can get out of this whole thing the better.


LisaB said...

Sorry about the b*tch! Getting so close now though! Woot! And since my cycle got delayed, we'll end up being closer!

Crossing My Fingers said...

YAH for the Lupron Bleed!!! I thought it was exactly like my period. I hope you don't have to pee as bad as I did at my was awful!!! How exciting! Have a safe trip to the STL!

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