Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm at work. Not really working which is so stupid of me. I should be throwing myself into work because I've basically been gone for two weeks. Instead? Googling crap like 4dp3dt....assisted hatching...I've been trolling blogs of those who've been successful, stuff like that.

I avoided doing this so far in this 2WW because I was at home on the couch and just watched TV so I didn't do this crap. Stupid internet. I'll quit when I'm done with this blog post.

Symptoms today: mild cramping and it resonates into my groin area. Cramps typically go there when they're more painful and AF-related. Not sure what the cause is but I just want to document it. I'm tired and took a nap yesterday for about an hour, but I did not sleep last night at all. I was worried about coming back to work and my right butt cheek is beyond sore from PIO injections. The left side hardly hurts but I'm scared to only do them over there. I use a heating pad on it before and afterwards and that helps, but the right side is a lost cause, I swear.

I bled while doing my Heparin injection this morning - first bleed from that. The whole belly is so bruised I probably injected it into an existing bruise. Oh well.

I haven't POAS'ed yet, which is suprising for me. I didn't have any that weren't digital and I'm not wasting those on a trigger, and DH won't buy them for me so I'll have to make him stop at the drug store after work so I can stock up. I used an internet OPK this morning but it looked like a negative OPK so I don't know what to make of that.

As for obsessing, I'm doing quite well. At obsessing, that is. At least I'm not peeing on sticks like the crazy infertile that I am. I'll start doing that tonight. He he he.

Other symptoms: nipples are sore but that's from the PIO. Oh and I was pretty bitchy yesterday. I chalk it up to DH and I being around eachother practically all day every day for weeks with rare breaks. I guess I hit my tolerance wall yesterday. We're over it now, though I think he enjoyed giving me my shot last night.

I'll keep you all posted. Promise. Thanks again for all the positive thoughts and vibes!


Bridget said...

Still thinking of you and wishing for a BFP!!

Jessica said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP!!!

MyTwoLines said...

Hoping the wait zooms by for you!

Sarah said...

The secret to less painful injections is ice! I ice my butt until numb and then apply heat & massage right after the injection. For the lovenox, I ice for 5 mins before and after the injection. It really helps to minimize the bruising.

Good luck with the wait!

Crossing My Fingers said...

Hope it goes fast!!!

Still A Guest Room said...

Sounds like you're doing great...hope the next several days go quickly!

Jessica said...

Thinking of you! I cleaned out Dollar Tree's HPT's...had them all lined up on the bathroom counter comparing them each day. Hubby thought I was psycho...I didn't care. It kept me sane through the wait!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Oh crap.

The shots get worse.

I'm glad your about a week ahead of me. You're paving the way. (and now I'm scared. just kidding)

Shawna said...

I am praying for you. hope your 2ww goes by fast and we FINALLY get a BFP around here. We sure need one.

LisaB said...

Your symptoms sound promising so far! Especially the cramping! I definitely had cramping around 4-5dpt, and I think that was the start of implantation! Sending you positive vibes!!!! *Sticky vibes*
OH - You have won an award - please see my blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't want to raise your hopes, but I also had cramping at about 5DP3DT with both my IVF pregnancies. I always viewed it as a good sign that something was still with me, that I was still PUPO. Hoping that your cramps are due to something nestling in as well. You're three weeks pregnant as of now. Fingers crossed for another thirty-seven!

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