Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Labs Done...Stimming Starts Tomorrow! *UPDATE WITH QUESTION

Like the title says, I got my labs done. I confirmed at my local lab and at FP that the results were faxed. No one will tell me the doggone results until Dr. S has reviewed and signed off on them. So I called my local doctor's office because the IF nurses will tell me the results but they were busy so I'm waiting for them to call me back. I'm sure they're fine. My E2 has always been normal and I doubt my LH was anything to write home about. I'll update this post once the results are in.

Other than that, today's my last day of only having one injection (Lupron) at 7am. Tomorrow, I start stimming and I'm freakin' excited!  7:00 am: Lupron (20 units), Follistim (125 IU)....7:00 pm: Follistim (75 IU).  I was wrong yesterday, Dr. S put me at 200 IU of Follistim per day, not 225. I'm supposed to start the Repronex this Saturday in addition to the Lupron and Follistim, but Dr. S will make the final call on that when he reviews yesterday's lab results. I'm sure everything's fine though. So far I feel pretty normal based on how happy he's been with my ultrasound and subsequent blood tests.

On Sunday morning we'll drive into the city (locally) for me to have my E2 levels drawn and then we'll head south to St. Louis. We've decided that at this point, barring any schedule changes, we'll drive down and stay the night this Sunday for Monday's appointment. Then, instead of doing the same thing Tuesday night for Wednesday's appointment, we'll suck it up and leave home at 4:00 am to make it in time for the 10:00 am appointment in STL and drive home the same day. It'll save us $100 on a hotel, plus I'll get to sleep in my own bed 2 nights in a row. I will have to do a Follistim and Lupron injection on the road but I suppose that's not a deal-breaker.

Question though: I know the Follistim and Lupron need to be refrigerated, but if I have the pen and its case with me with the little tube inside for the Follistim, it won't be refrigerated. Same with the Lupron shot I'll have drawn up ahead of time. We can keep them in a cooler, but does it matter? What did you do when you'd have to do a shot on the road? I believe that next Wednesday is the only day I'll be giving myself a shot on the road. I'll probably make DH stop so I can do it at a rest stop or something. I don't think it's a good idea to give myself a shot in a moving car. Otherwise the rest of the shots will be done either at home or at a hotel.

Finally, I had the injection lesson but the Repronex is something I've done before. It's 75 units in a vial once mixed with the Sodium Chloride. Problem, I'm brain-farting over how much Sodium Chloride to put mix in with the dissolving pill. Is it 1 cc or a 1/2 cc? Crap. Also they gave me different syringes for the Repronex than I'm used to and I have tons of supplies from my IUI/Repronex cycles. Can't I just use those? they're the same as the Lupron syringes too. Plus, if memory serves me correctly, the needles are about as small as the Lupron needles have been. On that note, can't I use the insulin syringes and needles. Wah. They don't hurt as much.

Okay I'm done. I'll update with the lab results and what Dr. S has to say about them. I'm confident that all will continue as planned.

And...I still can't believe I'm stimming tomorrow. It's finally here!


Okay my Baseline labs are as follows:

Estradiol: 5.0 (but I'm taking this as being at 50 because the recommended range at this point is 25-75 pg/ml and the nurse didn't tell me how they measured this. I'm sure Dr. S will see and interpret this as normal.

LH: 1.4 (this is supposed to be <7 so I'm happy with that)

What were your baseline results for these hormones? Here is the link for what I found for ranges and because I'm so Type-A, I need to know that I tested normally for this point in the!


Sooz said...

I'm a new reader and I'm just about to start my IVF #3 cycle. I wanted to say good luck and hope that this cycle is successful!!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

How exciting! I love seeing what you are doing and your results since I am right behind you. What is the Repronex for? I don't believe that is in my protocol...

LisaB said...

You have to keep your Follistim and Lupron refrigerated. I would pack them in a cooler or something.

I've never used Repronex...sorry!

I'm glad everything is going well so far! I'm so excited for you! Woohoo!

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