Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stimming Day 1 - Done!

I have so many thoughts so to organize them I'll be using bullet points today

*The Follistim Pen works. When I push it to inject it clicks back to zero and while doing that it spins back like when I "loaded" it. That caused some extra pushing this morning which in turn resulted in bleeding. Oh well, I'll figure it out. I've been through worse. The Lupron is so easy. I don't even feel itching anymore.

*Shawna asked why the Repronex with the Follistim - I will clarify because I forgot you all can't read my mind. When I first got my med orders, Dr. S had me on Follistim followed by Menopur. I already had almost a dozen dosages of Repronex in my fridge that I'd purchased on my old coverage in September so I asked if I was able to use that instead and he said that's fine. It acts as the same "agent" as Menopur. I'm just super-familiar with the Repronex; plus I need to use it now because it expires at the end of February.

*I still can't believe we're at this point now. Stimming! Not only did I think this day would never arrive, I figured something would prevent it from happening. Now we just need to make it through the next five days to find out what the next blood test and ultrasound brings. I hope soooo much that my results are good and that we can continue as planned.

*Shawna, you also gave great advice as to booking hotels at a low rate. We are actually staying within the Hilton hotel brands (Hampton Inns, Doubletree, Homewood Suites) because with tons of business and leisure trips I have a lot of rewards points built up and we are saving them up for a vacation or free hotel stays. I have been getting super-nice hotel rooms for well under $80. Our last room at the Hampton Inn was $59 and was huge! Also, I'm pretty picky about beds and amenities and I've found the Hilton has had the best all-around options for us. But I agree, Priceline is the best way to go for a good room for a low price and your help means so much to me so thank you!

*DH and I have been getting along really well so far. We bickered this morning because he snoozed an extra 10 minutes and that threw off my injection routine for 7:00 am because he was still in the bathroom getting ready. So I snarled at him a bit and he threw it right back at me. Sooo mature. By the time we'd gotten into town for work things had pretty much calmed down and it was like we hadn't even argued.

*I'll keep you all posted as to what symptoms I have, etc. I'm kind of looking forward to being tired, as crazy as that sounds. It'll be easier for me to fall asleep at night since I was up till 11:30 pm last night. I have got to go to bed sooner! Sheesh.

*And finally, thank you all so very much for not only support but any information you've been able to share with me. I don't like to feel like I'm leaning on anyone for anything because I'd rather be your cheerleader, but when I was spazzing it felt so wonderful to know that I could count on you ladies to help me with my fears and questions. Thank you thank you thank you.

Ahhh. Calm post today.  We're very "zen" here in the land of the stimming.  Onto one more shot tonight, 75 IU of Follistim; I'm sure it'll go even better. It has to because I don't have enough band-aids for this!


Still A Guest Room said...

You'll get the hang of the follistim's actually my favorite one now. Good luck!

Sooz said...

Good luck on the stims!! I'm also traveling for my IVF #3 cycle and starting stims on Sat., so I'll be right there with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it went well! Hoping for more "zen" days ahead for you...

LisaB said...

Yayy! Grow follies, grow!! Woot!

Sarah said...

I found the follistim pen really easy -- I actually kinda miss it! The PIO & lovenox injections have gotten really old...

Also, don't stress if you don't do your injections at the exact same time every day. My RE said it's fine to be up to an hour off. =)

Zula said...

Glad to hear that things are moving forward on schedule. I hope that you continue receiving good results. Please trust more that all will go well with this cycle. Deep Trusting will help your body to be cooperative! I know, it is impossible not to freak out on this ride, so you can just tell me to shut up. I am crossing my fingers for you.

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