Sunday, January 2, 2011

In St. Louis - Baseline Appt Tomorrow

Happy New Year ya'll.

Spent the evening watching TV with DH. Argued over laundry the last 20 minutes of the night so no kiss for me at midnight. Oh well. Lupron shots still going fine.

We are at the hotel in Chesterfield, Missouri, about 25 minutes south of our clinic. I think we'll go to the local mall and putz around for a few hours. I think the relaxing approach is working as I wore sweats and slippers all day, especially for the drive down here.

The bathroom remodeling is mostly done. My dad is putting in a small cabinet and we need to paint, but for now it looks pretty good. DH did a nice job.

That's about it. I'll let you all know what the doc says tomorrow about my antral count and my lining - which by the way, has to be nice and thin as this whole "Lupron Bleed", and not to steal from the Spring saying, came in like a Lion and out like a whimpering Lamb. Seriously. Worst 3 day period ever - reminded me of past miscarriages. Now? Almost gone. I typically have a seven day period. I suppose I'll take 3 days.

Onto cheer on Seattle against St. Louis for the NFC West. Sadly, the Seahawks will still have a losing record going into the playoffs as the NFC West champ if they win tonight. Just embarassing. :)


Crossing My Fingers said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! I hope you get great news. Enjoy the STL!

LisaB said...

Good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

So how did the appointment go?

3-day period sounds pretty good... mine is still going and going... OK I think it is day five but it feels like forever. :)

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