Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Question about E2 Level on Day 3 (well, really day 4 but whatever)!!!!!

So I confirmed with the lab that my Day 3/Day 4 Estradiol (E2) level was 5.0 pg/ml. Not 50.

Shit. That's below the recommended 25-75 pg/ml range for that day.

My last E2 taken on Day 3 was in October and that was 21 pg/ml. I was on BCPs for 5 weeks and overlapped 20 units of Lupron. I think I was oversuppressed. Sonofabitch.

I've called the clinic and bugged them to have SOMEBODY tell me whether I'm able to continue but all I can do is leave messages because Dr. S is in surgery and Nurse Jackie isn't in today. I'm freaking the shit out that I've been oversuppressed.  And I'm now near tears.  Here is where you see my personality really shine, when I possibly have bad news and no one can confirm or deny it and I get a massive case of the wiggins.

Will someone please tell me something? Is this bad? Is this okay? Will they cancel my cycle?



Still A Guest Room said...

I don't have any info, but hope you get clarification soon. Thinking of you!

Emily said...

Like Still a Guest Room, I can't help you at all on this, but I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you! I can't imagine how stressful the situation is right now. I'm really hoping this works out for you!

LisaB said...


I was told that is has to be below 80, but it doesn't matter what the number is as long as it's below 80. I hope everything is okay and you can start!

Kim said...

I heard the lower the better, so I don't think it's an issue - it's actually probably great!!!

I am new to your blog via LisaB, wanted to wish you luck as you begin your IVF journey. xoxoxoxox

Kim said...

PS Your follow button is not working so i can't follow you :( I'll check back.

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