Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stimming Continues....Just Treading Water ***E2 Update

I've had the last 20+ hours to keep my attitude in check and push myself to be optimistic. It's not over yet.

I trolled all things Dr. Google and IVF boards regarding E2 levels after about 3 1/2 days of stimming and honestly, I think mine was pretty darn okay. I started at 5.0 pg/ml and in three 1/2 days it was 11x what I started with and the internetz say that it should be either 100+ pg/ml or 2x the day 3 level. Well I think I'm an overachiever then, so there.

After the lovely draining (where Dr. S "opened me up" with a metal speculum - fun - and then used a big syringe and a tube like a tomkat and went into the uterus and sucked out the fluid in there, then used water and flushed it out while guiding it all with Wandy. Let me tell you, I've been through much worse.) yesterday, I had some decent spotting that was all kinds of colors and did a doozy on my delicates. Dammit. So by today it's basically gone and I have to shove TP up there to find anything. So because I'm a rebel I'm afraid to scold my uterus to behave and produce a better lining because I'm sure it'll rebel too and then we're going to hell in a handbasket pretty damn fast.

I had my Estradiol drawn about an hour ago and figured out why Sunday's results weren't faxed - my lovely infertility department here put in the order with the fax number having eight digits. If you're paying attention, a fax number should only have SEVEN DIGITS. God-forbid the lab calls the IF department yesterday morning to clarify so the results sat. They're calling this morning to get the right fax number and will fax them before noon. Nuh uh, I don't buy it. I'll be calling Dr. B's office to get my results so I can call Nurse Jackie and she'll have them before the end of the day TODAY. I'm dealing with MORONS here people! (That last line was in the voice if Gilbert Gottfried, just for clarification).

So here are my goals for the next 24 hours:

1. Get my estradiol results and have them be over 100. I'm hoping more like 200 because it's been 48 hours since my last test and they should be steadily increasing with the Follistim bump-up.

2. Make it to St. Louis tonight without any incidents with the car vs. weather battle we're in for. We were planning on leaving super-early tomorrow morning for the 10am appointment but with this storm, we're thinking of driving there after work, getting in late but having plenty of sleep for the drive home tomorrow instead of being exhausted and likely cranky.

3. Have the ultrasound be a successful one with more than 12 follicles and a great lining with no fluid issues.

Three simple goals, right? Guess how much I can control? Not a damn thing. Well, unless I'm driving tonight then all I can do is my best. :)

Here are those pictures I promised:

Here are the socks I wore for my monitoring appt - they make a smily face when you put them together. I'm wearing a different pair for each appointment so I'll take pictures and post them. They're all brand-new socks I got on ebay (from China or something) for like a dollar each so I'm hoping they're somewhat of a good-luck charm! The socks for the retrival and transfer are adorable - I can't wait to show you!

Here's a picture I took while DH and I were waiting for the ultrasound:

And a picture of a wall hangy sign that we both loved because we're crazy cat people:

How about some freakin' awesome candles for a buck? Sold:

I found my dream baking dish for the lasagna
I love to make but mine always spills out and over the dish I have.
That will happen no more. Bam.

Also, we have black and white checkered flooring in the kitchen.
Um, how do I not buy this for ten dollars?

We bought two of these little thingies, one for us and one for DH's parents.
Each of my cats HAD to inspect this item. So I will show you pictures of them doing so:


Please ignore the bad nail polish - I'll take it off tonight, I promise.
I've apparently been too busy to spend 2 minutes scrubbing it off.


Milo - he kept nose-bumping it so by the time I took the picture he was
turning around for another go at it.

And this is a deviled egg platter (something I've wanted since college) 
made of all recycled materials.
Five bucks. Also sold:

We bought this sign for DH's parents, to give to them someday.
They're so helpful and supportive so I know it sounds awful that
we didn't get one for my parents, but that's a long story.
And my mother drives me nuts.

How cute is the "tire swing"? It's on a piece of rope. Bella tried to chew on it.
You can see her front paws at the top of the picture.
It was a difficult photo shoot because they all wanted to be models.

These are melty wax thingies I put in my melter (I try not to
use candles because the cats like flames. Idiots)

The Pineapple Upside Down Biscuits one smells amazing!
I'm saving the Summer Rain for a day when I clean the house,
because it reminds me of a summer rain. No lie.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, Bella and Milo playing a game called,
"I'm Not Touching You...Rawr!"


I'm not touching you...


Thanks again for all your support too, it helped me to take some deep breaths, remember that its still early. And that while I'm trying to control everything, I cant.


I called the local office to get my result and make sure it was faxed to FP in St. Louis today. Yes and yes. And so that I can sleep tonight, I asked what the Estradiol level was from this morning. The result?

204.0 pg/ml!!!!!

I wish there was a calculator for this like a beta calculator because I'm ecstatic! From 58.0 pg/ml to 204.0 pg/ml in 48 hours!?!? That has to be great, right? I figure I'll be stimming longer than 9 days but oh well. I called to get my Follistim refilled and I'm waiting to hear back from Schrafts/Walgreens because they have to call my insurance company for an override and, in even better news, they can't ship from NJ because of the "massive storm" heading their way so they'll try to ship from Texas so I get the meds before Thursday night. Why? Because I'll run out by Thursday morning. Gotta love cutting it close.

Okay...onto the ultrasound tomorrow morning. I'm crossing my fingers extra tight for no fluid and plenty of follicles!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the socks!! I have been planning my socks too... I don't have super-cute ones like you though! But I brought all my smartwools to ca so I have plenty of my favorites to choose from.

As for shopping, I am loving it too!!! Just spent a hundred bucks at banana republic (ouch) but I also returned a couple things there so it's not that bad. Right?

Keep on with the positive thinking! Focus on what you can control, everything else, why worry.

Good luck with the stormy drive!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Your kitties are so cute! I am a totally cat lover but we have dogs and birds...hmmm...

Good luck this week! I am here for you if you need anything! Hope the weather cooperates!

Sooz said...

Good luck!! I hope the E2 numbers come back at great levels. I'm also stimming and just had my bloodwork done after 3.5 days of stims, so I know how you're feeling.

I love the pics!! Great socks and cute kitties!

Still A Guest Room said...

Hope everything continues to look better and better!

BreLynne said...

We started stims on the same day and look like we will be retreiving around the same time as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'm here if you ever want to chat :)

Teresa said...

Great update Christa! Can't wait to hear more. Makes me wish I was going through a cycle right now...clearly I've done this too much and am now insane;) Good Luck!

~C~ said...


Bridget said...

Thank God for Google right? Good luck tomorrow!!

Crossing My Fingers said...

Such cute things you bought!!! I had a few ladies give me socks, the first appointment my Lupron Bleed was late so I vowed not to wear those socks again then the next visit I got good news in those socks so I wore them at every visit. I still have a stash for the second time around. Hope you get to theLou safely!

LisaB said...

Great goals! I sure hope all of your dreams come true this cycle! I'm glad things are looking up!

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