Friday, January 7, 2011

Stimming Day 2 - Still Truckin' Along

So I've noticed a side effect of the Follistim.

I feel like I've been doing abdominal crunches. However, I have not done a crunch in a few years and I'm pretty sure my "abs" are hidden under some "padding". I am happy that I am feeling something while stimming so far. I'm sure I'm in for some more fun but at least I know the meds are properly being administered because my body is responding somehow...

DH and I have booked our hotel room for Sunday night and are excited for Monday's appointment - I got the addresses for TJ Maxx and Gordmann's (to plug into the Garmin) so we can shop when we get there. I haven't been to at TJ Maxx since I was a kid and I've always wanted to go to Gordmann's. Besides, we've been to Marshall's enough times that I figure he'll want to look for that elusive pair of sweats he's been searching for as if they're the freaking holy grail. He is picky about sweats, people. They must be comfortable. They must be long. And they must be inexpensive. Now I love a shopping challenge, but he's on his own for this one. It'll also keep him occupied while I'm looking at other stuff.

Who needs professional therapy? I have retail therapy - with a very small budget, mind you - and retail therapy is much more affordable.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some random pictures that make me smile:

This was Bella last week.
I wanted to use my new crock pot but she had other ideas.

I think I want this ski mask.
At the same time, I think I'll freak a lot of people out while shoveling snow.
 I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Bridesmaid dresses FAIL.

Speaking of bridesmaid dresses, my step-sister's wedding is Easter weekend this year. First of all, some of the Catholics in my family (and my in-laws) are appalled she would pick this weekend for her wedding and keep saying that "the church won't marry them, you know."  Yeah. She and her fiance aren't Catholic, so that works out for them I guess. But that's the weekend DH's parents and sister/her husband, DH and I drive to Indiana to visit DH's brothers and kids. So that sucks and his parents aren't too happy about that. Sorry.

But I have to pay the remainder of the bill for my bridesmaids dress tomorrow. I don't like the dress. It's strapless, black, and knee-length. Oh well. I know some of my bridesmaids (consisting of my 3 step-sisters, DH's sister and my BFF) didn't like the dress I picked out for them so fair's fair. I just PRAY I'm 4+ months pregnant at that point and can wear that thing with a cute baby bump. Otherwise I'll just look fat - at least I ordered it one size bigger than I was in August. So here is a tribute to ugly bridesmaid dresses! I'll keep it short. But I like funny pictures, don't you?

Wouldn't you want your face blurred out?
I'll bet these looked dyno-mite! under the disco ball.

The tanorexia girl makes the dress look better - or is it just me?

Sorry but you can't "make it work" with that. Any of that. Day-um!
(Also, I can't tell if they're chicks or dudes. Can you?)

Enjoy your Friday ladies and I wanna make a special shout-out to those cycling right now - IVF rocks, right?!?!?
Fist pump if you're with me!


Crossing My Fingers said...

Isn't it funny how we hate feeling bad but we desperately want to feel "something" to make sure we're doing it right? Keep stimming lady and enjoy your shopping!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, i giggled so hard looking at the pictures. Your cat is so adorable cute ball of fur.So fun to see her in your new crock pot. I can't understand why and how some people think that it is good idea to have matching dresses and curtains. I've been inside a home that had matching flowery wall papers and curtains. It looked so bad, but funny that it made me laugh and laugh. It is amazing how the freakiest ideas actually get out into the world. Some are so creative in coming up with them.
Good Luck with your next appointment and take care!

~C~ said...

Love the pics! They're hilarious. Congrats on stim day 2! Hope those ovaries are workin it out.

Shawna said...

Shot 2 went MUCH better last night. 4 minutes, start to finish. Thanks for the advice.
You will LOVE Gordman's. It is a fun store. I always stock up on candles there. Cheap

LisaB said...

*fist pump*

LOL, you post the best pics!

I'm glad things are going well so far!!!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Fist pump - I'm with you!

...and I think I'll go put on a few of my ugly bridesmaid dresses just to feel better about today's shots.

Happy Simming. We're going to rock this cycle!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Fist Pump...I'm in!

Sushigirl said...

OMG, your cat and my cat are doubles!

The blue and green dresses somehow remind me of taking part in a high school production of the Wizard of Oz.

The orange pom pom ones are surely from the costume department of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert?

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