Thursday, April 22, 2010


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You lovely ladies are so wonderful and your support has helped me so much! Nobody IRL knows but our doctor's office, us (of course), and possibly one friend b/c DH let it slip on Tuesday that this cycle might have worked. I don't have anyone else to blab to all day about it like I want to so the fact that I know you're all out there rooting for me/us is amazing. You all have seen how my RPL can be a problem so I know that if things start to go downhill, you will still be there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly.

So, on with the fun stuff, I guess:

Yep - I put up the baby ticker. I had to. Here's why: I have wanted to do that so badly since last spring's loss and after the fall's ectopic that I swore that the second I got a BFP and reasonable beta, I would do it. If this goes down the crapper, then fine. But at least I got to have those days/weeks with the ticker and the happiness it has brought me.  I just hope that positive thinking will have a positive result!

Also, based on LMP, I am 4 weeks today. But, based on the IUI being 13 days ago, I'm probably more like 3w6d. But I don't care. The doctor will tell me to base it off my LMP and should things change, I will adjust the ticker (and my mindset) accordingly.

Boobs are still sore - not just the nips but those are plenty sore as well. Not so much at night but it's been that way for each pregnancy. I think it's the laying down part that helps. I just did a touch test. Yep. Ouch.
Pulling/cramping feelings - because I got to feel them for about a month last spring for my 9 week pregnancy, I can really tell the difference between AF cramps and these cramps. Though they are a bit similar.
Nausea - I had milk with dinner last night. I kept sipping on it well into the evening. By 9pm I was trying not to puke.
Smell - just like the other pregnancies, my sense of smell has not diminished. My unfinished breakfast burrito from the gas station (I know, what was I thinking?) that is now in the trash is not making my tummy happy.

I am still POAS-ing like a mad woman, looking for any sign that they're getting lighter. Not yet but they're slowly getting darker. I have to keep reminding myself that it's ONLY 13dpiui. Beta #2 is tomorrow. I will know the results about 24 hours from now. I'm trying desperately to be productive but I'm pretty sure that I'll be distracted

I will keep you all posted will all good and bad news. I won't disappear this time like I did last year. I need this blog. It's like my best friend. And this way, the people in my life won't be annoyed with my constant obsessing! :) Besides, who else would get what I'm saying, how I'm feeling, what I'm going though. I'm surrounded by fertiles!


Lindsay said...

Like the ticker!

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