Thursday, April 8, 2010

CD 15 - Trigger Today

83 days left till "Eclipse" is released in theaters. Im' about 25% through re-reading Breaking Dawn. Sigh.

I'm sure you all want to know but we bd'd last night (we have a secret code: sex = pancakes; long story but if we're in public and need to have a conversation, we say pancakes instead. It's easier to say, "we're having pancakes tonight, right?" than the other option when you're trying to figure out the IUI sex schedule in public). So there should be about 30 million swimmers in there, waiting, biding their time. You know girl sperm live longer than boy sperm? lol....

So my sister, the ER nurse, will give me the trigger shot at lunch today. I took the Repronex last night (again!) but the prescription included 2 dosages so I'm not sure if they want me to use it tonight too or what? I'll call and find out.

I'm positive that the 16mm-er on the left is over 18 by now at the growth rate from the past few days, so we're good to go on 2 follicles. I read that some REs don't like the follicle to be over 20mm and others dont care as long as it's under 40mm. Strange. I don't have an RE (coverage doesn't allow it) so my ob/gyn "fertility specialist" says that low to mid 30's will have to do on this but they prefer anything over 17mm to 30mm.

Follow-up note from the other day: We watched "Couples Retreat", not "Couples Resort". I am a HUGE stickler for getting things right and to screw up a movie title is completely the opposite of me. So, my apologies for any confusion. Someday I hope you are all impressed with my vast pop culture knowledge. I rock at Jeopardy too.

Watched American Idol last night - I've been watching this show since the Season 1 finale episode - SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

I can't believe they used the save on Big Mike. Though his vocals were "hot" on the Swan Song, my fear is that Crystal Bowersox may go home early if the voters pull a "Daughtry" in a couple of weeks or so.

Grrr. Oh well. I'm sure that Tim and Andrew or Andrew and Aaron will go home next week.

I guessed correctly on all counts last night: bottom three, safe, bottom two, eliminated, saved. All of it. DH is my witness. I'm sure he was annoyed b/c he was trying to watch the Dodgers game online. blows. It freezes till about mid-season. Oh well.

I will keep you ladies posted - thanks for the support! It's like crack to me. I swear. :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck!! :)

Lindsay said...

I almost think its better for crystal to go home early b/c the winners don't have great track record of sucess. I think its because they get locked up in a year contract with AI and the losers have less of a commitment.

Good Luck!!! Did you make the IVF clinic appt yet?

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