Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pregnancy #4 - How Long Will This Last?

I was awake at 4am. I stayed in bed till 5:30 because I peed at 3am. Sad, but the only reason I stayed in bed was because I wanted more concentrated pee. All I could think about was if this is ectopic again or if we're having twins, how to tell our families, etc.

So I peed on an "Answer" at 5:35 am and took a quick shower (progesterone is gross so I shower at night and in the morning. My skin is so dry!!). And when I got out, the test was positive and getting a bit darker. DH and I had discussed doing a digital today and I told him that if we do one, I want him to be there for it but I wasn't waiting till he woke up to do it.

Thus I woke him up at 5:50 am and asked if he still wanted to do that together or have me do it on my own. We agreed I'd leave the pee cup in the bathroom and bring in the active test. So I did. I set it on his night stand and turned on the light. I kept saying that it's early and it may still be negative...


Yep! Finally! He was pretty happy - he got over being woken up. Neither of us slept well anyways so it didn't really matter. I doubt we'll sleep much at all till we get to see an ultrasound or something.

For now, according to FRER, EPT, The Dollar Tree and those crappy Russian cheapies: I'm Pregnant!

Okay I have to get ready for work but I just wanted to share this and some pictures:

Please excuse the scary no-makeup face and my undone hair. I had to do a digital bfp shot. I ALWAYS have.

Beta #1 is in about an hour - I'll post as soon as I get the results!


pregnant said...

how long? 4 motnh? 5? 6?

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