Monday, April 19, 2010

Seriously? Seriously.

Okay now I don't remember my (sorry for TMI) nipples hurting this dang much since I was pregnant with the ectopic and real but doomed baby last year. I mean ouch.

Boobs just sittin in my bra, nips aching. I decided to do a touch test. Ouch! 

If this is progestrone-related, I'll be pissed. Not at all surprised in any way but pissed.

Lol, I keep hoping (like a nutcase infertile) that my trigger shot was out of my system yesterday and the now positive tests are real. It could be true. I sometimes have had negatives by 11dpt/10dpiui...uh.

I think I'll be pissing on a test when I get home in about 5 hours. This is driving me nuts!

Okay - rationalization here. Only b/c my tits hurt: if an FRER is positive tomorrow and if I don't have to squint at the test, I'm taking a digital. There. Bam. Decided. lol. And if it's positive tomorrow - I'm thinking of demanding a beta by Wednesday.

Also - next Monday at our IVF consulation, I'm getting an ultrasound. How. frigging. cool. if I get to have an early pregnancy 4w4d ultrasound to make sure it's not ectopic again! What if it's twins!?!?!?

Woah. Slow down crazy lady. Too much sugar for lunch. Amazing how depressed I am on CD1 but what a nutcase I am around CD26. lol.

But seriously. My tits hurt. And I've felt crampy for days. And I've not been pms-y.


Lindsay said...

Eeek! you're getting my hopes up for you.

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