Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beta #4 update

I FINALLY got the call this morning about the results of Beta #4. It went up to 354 mIU in 48 hours. That's a 160% increase and doubling time of about 35 hours. The doctor's office thinks that this is normal and that I don't need anymore betas. I was basking in the glow of such wonderful results that I didn't argue. I figure that if I have more betas, I'll just obsess.

So I will need to wait 8 1/2 more days until the 6 week ultrasound to see if the little bugger is in there. The only thing we can think of to have caused such a slow in the betas is a possible lost twin. I have had no pain except low back but that's around my tailbone and not muscular. It feels like a disc slipped or something but a heating pad and stretching has helped. Otherwise my boobs still hurt, I feel nauseous a lot, and I'm tired all the time.

I will hold out that one small bit of doubt that I'm actually going to have a baby. I had one good beta jump last fall before the ectopic blew. But those numbers were around 131 on 19dpiui. My numbers are double that today and it's 19dpiui. So I'll take it.

I'm still pregnant and I'll enjoy it till it ends.

*Last year when we lost the baby at 9 weeks, I gave all the ultrasound pictures, baby books, baby socks, cards, etc to my DH. Anything related to babies, he shoved in the back of his closet, not to be seen till I was ready. Sunday night, before the bad beta on Monday, I went into his closet and found all that stuff and got it out. I looked at it all. I then set up the books and baby socks and Willow Tree box on my dresser. I got out the bella band and the doppler. It's all out. If we lose this one, we know that we'll do IVF. So for now, I plan on keeping it all out. But regardless of what happens, this pregnancy, more than the ectopic, has helped me heal so much from what happened last March.

*Also, today is 4w6d. My first loss ended at 4w5d. I beat that, so yay me! The next one, ectopic, ended at 5w3d. I just have to get past this Sunday and then the only loss I have to beat is 9w0d. After that, I'll set a new personal record and hopefully actually have this kid!

Thank you all for your support and well wishes. I'll post later on the IVF appointment/disaster and tell you what happened there.


Trinity said...

Wow! I hope this reassurance gives you a little bit of peace. ;) This beta game is so hard... I too have tucked away all of our stuff. I haven't looked at the picture of our embryos since the day of transfer. I just can't do it. We have our 6 week ultrasound next week, too. I really hope this lil' one sticks. I know it's been a tough week for you! Thinking of you...

Lindsay said...

What a roller coaster ride!!! I can't believe we have to wait another whole week for the U/S! I had moved you out of my PG blog roll after beta two, back to TTC after beta 3... now I am back! I'm hopefully this is your sticky one!

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