Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holy Crap

I went to Taco Bell for lunch. Fresco tacos - highly recommended.

Went next door to dollar tree. Bought like, 8 tests. And a 6-pack of kiddie cups to pee in.

Drove back to office. Saw my mom (who works in the building across the street; another story, a hole 'nother time). Chatted. Hadn't peed since 6am, starting to feel the urge to piss pants.

Got into bathroom, peed in kiddie cup. Used dollar tree hpt. Prepared myself for squinting, seeing evap/indentation lines.

Instead, there are two very distinct pink lines. The one on the right is dark - control. The one on the left? Quite noticeable. The dollar tree test from Sunday was negative.

Oh my frigging geezus. I think I'm pregnant.

*UPDATE: I called Dr. B's office and got them to let me do a beta tomorrow. I know it's only 12dpiui, but then I'll get another one on Friday if tomorrow's is positive for pregnancy. And I guaranteed Nurse Sweet But Flighty (my favorite) that it WILL be positive!!!!!


Lindsay said...

I was just about to fuss at you for buying MORE tests... but then I got to the end...HOLY CRAP!!!! So exciting! You calling for Betas?!

Christa said...

yeah I just called - waiting to hear back from the nurse who is asking dr. b!!!!
And i would have deserved the fussing but i am a POAS addict AND an infertile!!! such a scary combo. these things are like crack to me, especially the positive ones!

Emily said...

Crossing my fingers for you!

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