Friday, April 23, 2010

Waiting for Results of Beta #2

WTF? The first results were in by 8:45 am on Tuesday for Beta #1. Still waiting for Beta #2 results! I called Dr. B's office at 9:20 am today b/c I was worried (and impatient). The nurse told me the results were listed as "pending" on the lab's website. She said she'll call me if she "thinks about checking the labs" in the next couple of hours and that if I don't hear from her at 1pm, to call her then.

2 and a half years. 3 losses. 7 IUIs. 8 cycles of Clomid. One laparoscopic surgery (emergency). Four trips to the ER for miscarriages. Thousands of dollars for IF treatment. Probably hundreds of dollars on HPTs. Countless tears, sleepless nights, fights with my husband, looks of pity from family and friends.

I wish the nurses felt what I've gone through so that they would make my Beta a priority. But whatever. I will call and bug her at 1 if I haven't heard yet.

Still freaking out. The tests are getting darker - surprisingly the crappy Russian cheapies are showing the biggest changes. The FRERs are slowly getting darker but are pretty dark as it is. The Dollar Tree HPTs didn't get too dark for me last spring till I was about 5 weeks so that's fine. They're showing a progression as well. But the Russian cheapies, when lined up, show the trigger leaving my system and the legit hormone increases starting on Monday (10dpiui) and Tuesday (11dpiui). It is quite positive today (14dpiui).

It's so hard to be "pregnant" when I haven't even missed my period yet. Based on my past history, I get AF exactly 15 days after an IUI, 16 days after a trigger. So probably 14 days past ovulation. At least all these drugs fixed my luteal phase. So logically, based on how late the IUI was, AF would be due tomorrow. But it won't come. I have banished her. :)

So if anyone wants to share anything to keep me entertained/occupied/from tearing my hear out and biting my newly painted nails??? That would be great!

Even just how your day is going - embarrassing RE stories - stuff like that! Please?


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