Thursday, April 15, 2010


So. I changed my template again. I'll probably do that till I'm happy. I'm becoming pretty indecisive about it. But if you see that the template is different every time you see my blog, it's not a different blog, just me trying to figure out what I want to do with it (for free...).....


I got some HPTs in from Ebay last night. The cheapies. Yep. And this time, they are not Wondfos. They are from Russia (or somewhere around Russia b/c of the language printed on them). I took one last night. I was 5dpiui and 6dphcg. It was almost faint positive. Definitely not negative, but not the strong positive I was expecting And for a 20mlu minimum, that's surprising. So...since they only cost $3.00 for 10, I'll probably just test out the trigger with them and keep some for the actual "testing days", otherwise known as 12-14dpiui.

Other than my obsession with finding out if this cycle worked, I got to enjoy the return of GLEE on Tuesday night. I did squeal when Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff appeared on screen. DH has no clue why but for anyone who knows who they are, it's obvious that GLEE is not holding back on talent this season. Oh, and American Idol has gotten strange. Ryan Seacrest is bizzare - and after his Brian Dunkleman comment, I swore that there will be a Secrest Checks Into Rehab announcement in the next six months and that I could no longer stand him. His behavior has been so manic this season that I've thrown in the towel. Here's how the season should end: Crystal shouldn't win but at least place in 2nd or 3rd. That way she will have more control over her career when she's signed (which WILL happen) and will be able to play her own music. Lee Dwyze should win and I wouldn't be surpised if Casey James is in the top three. I can't stand Screechy Strange Shioban and Mike Douchebag Lynche. They should go soon. Aaron Kelly is a sweet boy but should wait a couple of years and then go country. Tim Urban should get on TV. NOW. He's hot and can kinda sing but I think he's "commercial" and should get an acting career going. He won't win AI this year, I can guarantee that.

Back to the possible embryo or lack thereof that I'm thinking about 24/7, I am starting to think that the big follicle (likely over 31mm at time of ovulation) might have been too mature and not viable for fertilization. But.....the 16mm-er from the day before the trigger was ripe and with the additional time and Repronex, I'm positive it got over 18 or 19mm by the time ovulation occurred. It grew 6mm in 2 days, so that's where I'm getting the numbers. Now THAT follicle and resulting egg should have been perfect. I wonder if people get twins from 2 completely different sized eggs?

Finally, I also got in 3 boxes of Answer HPTs from Ebay. Each box has 2 tests in it. So I have 6 Answer tests for next week. I will likely begin taking them at 10 dpo unless the Russian cheapies are negative. I love to rationalize. I'll keep ya'll posted but I'm sure there won't be any news for about four to five days. Till then, I'll keep peeing in cups and jabbing sticks into them. Gross. Gotta love infertility.


Emily said...

I LOVE GLEE!! Just had to let you know :)

Lindsay said...

Like the new format. The other one was a bit hard to read b/c of the dark background and dark font! In the upper left corner of my blog there is a link to the cutiest blog on the block which does free background.

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