Thursday, April 8, 2010

Also -

In case any of you missed it - our IVF preliminary consultation is on Monday, April 26th. I can't believe I might have forgotten to shout it from the rooftops!

The soonest we can start cycling (best case scenario) is June/July.

That gives us this three cycles before IVF. This cycle is included. I figure the last cycle, I will be given BCPs, so we'll see.

Counting the days. 18 of them left.

We are PRAYING (and we're not religious, a catholic and a lutheran) that we qualify for the IOWarranty program (3 frozen, 3 fresh, most out of pocket is $17,500 if IVF #1 works) back. I think we won't b/c of 3 miscarriages.

Some programs say if you've had more than 2, or 2/more, they reject you.

I'm willing to guess that a large amount of IF-ers have RPL. Hmmm.


Emily said...

That is so exciting that you have your IVF prelim set up! I'm also hoping that you qualify for the IOWarranty program. I have to admit, I've looked into that IOWarranty program and it looks pretty good!

Lindsay said...

YAY!! That's so great! I am really hoping that you won't need it, but its nice to have everything set up in case you do!

Lindsay said...

Ps.. you totally should have stopped and visited me!! I am the queen of moline/davenport now!! hahaha.

Bailey said...

Just came across your blog, I'm in Iowa too! Just wondered where you are going to have your IVF consult at. We are scheduled to have our consult at Univ of Iowa Hospital IVF clinic on Thursday, but we are hoping to cancel after our beta's this week. Wishing you the best!

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