Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beta #1 results



Betas for the ectopic:
13dpiui: 10
15dpiui: 33
17dpui: 56
19dpiui: 131

My levels are already double that of last year's 13dpiui and this beta is a day earlier!
I don't think it's multiples with only a 25 but I'll take it.

I am pregnant. Holy shit. It worked. I think the IVF appt next week may be a little awkward. lol. I want my ultrasound!!!

*I don't think we're anywhere near over the hump yet and we are taking this one day at a time. We aren't assuming anything and we will forever expect or not be surprised by the worst.

I already love this baby. I want this baby. I do not want anything bad to happen. I will be more assertive with the doctors and demand progesterone level checks weekly if necessary.

Heck - we were ready to spend upwards of $15k for a kid. Might as well spend some of it on excess ultrasounds and blood draws right?


Candidly_Andrea said...

Congrats! That is great news - praying for a healthy successful pregnancy for you.

wifey said...

Wonderful news! Wishing you nothing but smooth sailing from here on out!

Lindsay said...


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news!! You lived my dream! Getting pregnant the cycle before your IVF appointment. :) Fingers crossed that everything continues to go well and you are holding a little baby in your arms in 9 months!! :)

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