Thursday, April 29, 2010

5w0d - Still Okay

Well, no betas left to do, I just keep peeing on dollar tree tests to see if the lines are getting darker. They are...
Boobs still hurt.
Lower back is still killing me - I swear something in my back is out of place (but I hate chiropractors and I'm deathly afraid that an adjustment will have a negative impact on the pregnancy). So I just deal with it.
I refuse to take Tylenol or any other medications. I took amoxicillin and Tylenol during my 2nd pregnancy and I will always wonder if that contributed to the loss even a little bit.

So I keep using the heating pad. It works.

DH and I have calmed down a lot since we got the good beta news yesterday. Now we're pretty much holding our breaths until next Thursday morning's ultrasound. Around 6 1/2 days left. Sigh.

Once we see a heartbeat here's what happens:

I will try to schedule ultrasounds for every 2 weeks (if not weekly!) because of our history and since it's our money we should be able to have them often till the 2nd trimester, when it should be monthly. But I'm the crazy RPL/Pregnant lady so this should not be a surprise to anyone.

We have not been to the Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Cedar Rapids since right before we got married. That was around October 2007. We promised each other after last spring's loss we would not eat there, separately even, until we got pregnant again and heard a heartbeat. So if everything is good next Thursday, we're going to Texas Roadhouse with his parents and maybe his sister and her husband (still not pregnant; am I terrible for smiling at that?).

DH will be allowed to attempt the 1 pound burger challenge at the restaurant in our neighborhood.

DH will be allowed to eat a Hardee's Monster.Burger.

Are you getting the theme of these events? In order to keep DH from eating and looking like SHAMU, I had to promise him these eating rewards when we got pregnant and reached different milestones.

These are the big three that he wants. So he's got a lot riding on the ultrasound. Lol.

I don't know what we'll do for 12 weeks, but at 9 weeks I want to do something for sure. It'll be Memorial Day weekend so I'm sure we'll think of something we've been holding back on .

IVF appointment - sucked.

Basically they seemed annoyed that I showed up pregnant. Like I timed it that way or something. So we talked to the nurse - an IVF nurse who speaks IF. Yeah, it's like doing IM-speak with a teenager. I was in my element. I rattled off everything and she was taken aback at how knowledgeable I am about all of this.

Same reaction from the Financial lady. We qualify for Iowarranty, the shared risk program. The RPL isn't in the exclusions so we're good to go there. Just about $20,000 for everything. So that sucks. Stupid insurance.

I then had an ultrasound. Apparently, my tubes look all wonky and there was a lot of "cellular" fluid behind my uterus and between the ovaries. They suspect a hydrosalpinx (fluid in the left tube) and that's why the doctor said that if I do have an ectopic, he wants the tube(s) removed b/c they'll just cause problems for IVF. They might have a higher chance at twisting during stims, causing problems for the ovaries, etc. That's why. Hydrosalpinxes (sp?) aren't allowed for the IVF program admission. That's what I was told.

Other than that, they couldn't do blood draws or the "mock transfer", or have DH give a sample to be frozen. They said to keep them posted and let them know what we want to do.

Right now? I don't want to do IVF b/c I'm pregnant. But if this one bombs, we're going there. The doc said more IUIs would increase our risk of an ectopic based on what he saw in the ultrasound.

So that's that. I'll keep you all posted. Hopefully things keep trucking right along. Thanks for all your support and comments - I don't have people to really vent to or share this experience with and you ladies are it for me and I love that. Because you get me, you get this, and you don't judge. So thank you.


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