Sunday, April 4, 2010

CD11 - U/s tomorrow

So I got all the shots done. I got some welts around the injection sites and they are pretty sensitive, but all seems to have gone pretty well. We made it home from Indy in one piece.

DH at a "Big Ugly" 22-oz burger on Saturday afternoon at lunch with the whole family there. We all went out to eat and when he heard about the burger challenge, he had to do it. He finished it with no problem so he got his picture on the wall. Even though he's trying to lose weight, I supported his overeating for the experience with family, etc. But typically, I vote no to Hardees and other horrible places to eat. We got fat after we graduated college b/c we ate whatever we wanted all the time. We each lost about 40lbs before our wedding and we've been trying to keep it off ever since. DH nearly gained it all back but is only about 25 lbs from his pre-wedding weight. I am about 18 lbs from my pre-wedding weight but I'd be happy to lose 5-10 lbs at this point. I bought new running/walking shoes last week so that should push me to get outside now!

U/s is tomorrow - I'll let you all know how many follicles I have. We're hoping for at least 2-3 on the left ovary since the right tube is most likely screwed up from November's ectopic pregnancy. The doc won't trigger if there's more than four on one ovary. I took an LH/Ovulation test when we got home to see what that would look like. It looks like it might be positive in the next day or so. I assume I'll be triggered by Tuesday. Hopefully not tomorrow. I'd think an IUI on CD13 is a bit early.


Lindsay said...

Can't wait to hear about tommorow's U/S! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear how it goes!

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